Tuesday, June 9, 2009

words from the author

hello...hai everyone, shallom in the GOD name...
I wish I can complete this story that may connected with a few of my friends.
Thus whoever that feel he/she's story been manipulated and been used, do not mad...It is my imagination only, sorry if it resembles yours ok...no intent to steal your life story..even maybe your love story...may be "no boundaries" song is fit to become the theme song for this story...so everyone please enjoy my story ..."the love that whisper..",even this is not perfect enough, but I love to do what I want to do...don't just stare there, read it and support me...if it is not wasting any single moment in your time, then please leave a comment then I'll know how to fix and improve myself...Thanks to you all, my friends direct or indirectly...

with love,

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  1. U really meant it right?..ermmm..well,jgn berimaginasi terlalu tinggi ki geng...just follow the rule..hehe..just kidding.