Wednesday, June 24, 2009


my dear prens...especaly for those waitin' for my part 1 novel of "the love that whisper..."
this time I can't post it..kinda bzzz rite nw but sooner or laterr I plzzz be calm and patient kkk...God bless!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

words from the author

hello...hai everyone, shallom in the GOD name...
I wish I can complete this story that may connected with a few of my friends.
Thus whoever that feel he/she's story been manipulated and been used, do not mad...It is my imagination only, sorry if it resembles yours intent to steal your life story..even maybe your love story...may be "no boundaries" song is fit to become the theme song for this everyone please enjoy my story ..."the love that whisper..",even this is not perfect enough, but I love to do what I want to do...don't just stare there, read it and support me...if it is not wasting any single moment in your time, then please leave a comment then I'll know how to fix and improve myself...Thanks to you all, my friends direct or indirectly...

with love,

The love that whisper...


Love whispers…calling the name of her…He took a sip from his glass, felt the taste of Arabica coffee that has a great taste but still, his heart crying. He unable to find any better excuses to soften his heart so that he won’t feel like grieving. “Damned”, shout him in silent. The evening take place so early, he even not realized when the sun went missing from the sky. He mind like burst, shattered in blurry atmosphere. He doesn’t like that. Very much. He went to his room, returned with a blue cover book on his right hand. Front of the book was written “Annabell”. He has read it, too many times until he can memorized them all. He ever regret his act on reading other belonging that should not he read. This way making his life more in messy. Rycho skipped to the two last pages, the words written there made his heart sanked. Truly, it touches his heart…”Annabell…”his voice, murmured.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Special edition novel...

"The love that whisper"
He can't betrayed his feeling and acts against it, it feels hurt. Too many attempts that he done to make the feeling fade away but failed, and failed. It even hurt more.
She hid the feeling within, even that she can sense spark between them but he seem to run from it, not ready yet about her. He shows his wildness towards other guys and to see it crush her heart. Are there is no space for her in his heart or why he should react like that?

They keep on denying their feelings, seeing each other cured the heart but they just act like nothing. Chatting like a friend but not brave enough to look eyes on eyes. Time pass by, and the love they kept growing, but they still hurting each other until they got separated in different ways.
Something felt empty and went missing. This time the love has whisper and the truth has to be known....

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bulan June dah sampai..

pada 29 may until 1 june, I p tdo umah putri. Her family is nice to me and I apreciated that. Dalam umah dia, ada anak buah dia, suma cute2...sekarang maci trindu2 dgn dorg terutamanya c alik..3 years old and he is naughty,as usually kid...putri's mom is great too and her sister-in-law is good. On 30 may, I join family put p kahwin kazen dia, dkat dewan tabung haji...well-known pula kazen c put ni, sampai prof worren, tphep en.rosli dan siap ada datuk lagi tapi I pun tak knal datuk mana tu...bestla, ada mdm Hazlenah lagi I nampak, beliau tgh ambil gambar org time I nampak dia. She is pretty, 1st time nampak dia huraikan rambutnya, woww gorgeous!
Yang lucunya, ada tu sorg pompuan,I pun tak knal dia but sexy baju dia, tak ngamla..dahlah agak gemuk and her body "tegap" tau tak pa...heheheh,dia p menyanyi dangdut lagi bergelek uda dia tapi nasib dia ingat dunia...hahahhahahah,I dgn put berabis ketawa, bukan kami ja tau,kak ipar dan mum c put pun turut serta mengetawakan...hahaha lucu baaaa, tambahan lagi kawan dia tu, cute lah juga..hihih lagi lucu, ada macam gedik2 gaya kawan dia ni, p menyaynyi lagu english...I lupa uda o tajuk dia(with you mungkin:)), bergaya kunun mw kontrol sora dia then tiba2 stuck, tak kuar sora, dia ketawa lagi tu pakai microphone (aahhh...malunya)
sot tul 2 org tu.....hahahhaha,takpala jadi bahan tawa kihkih....
balik dari kahwin tu, terus singgah p city mall, jalan2 kat sna...penat oo..
petang jam 4 baru kami suma sampai umah put,wow...I tdo sampai malam o...I malu juga dengan mum and kak ipar put...hehhehe,sorii ya put...:)
bsoknya, JC datang juga p tdo d umah put, sebab dia nak sempat p terminal(dia nak g convo bf dia)...malu dia,macam situasi I yang 1st datang umah put...hehehe segan la katakan...
kami berjalan p tuaran trus tiba2 sampai d OneB...hihihi ajaib kan..
malam jam 7 lebih baru kami sampai umah, ntah jam 7 ka 8 tu...macam jam 8 juga...pokoknya dah malam la..penat o tapi ole kerna nak buat kek coklat sama2 dgan put, I segar2kan dri padahal I dah ngantuk tu..hehhe,I,put n JC..buat kek..I taulah macam na nak buat kek coklat tu...I punya tugas dalam buat kek tu pun penting ooo kalo taktak jadila kek..hehehe
I ayak tepung ja...dan cuci dulang kek tu,p gaul2 adunan kek tu d mixer ..e2 ja..penting mah juga ;), tapi tulah, swet bertandang  p umah c put hehheheh...Thanks put yeaaaa