Monday, June 8, 2009

Special edition novel...

"The love that whisper"
He can't betrayed his feeling and acts against it, it feels hurt. Too many attempts that he done to make the feeling fade away but failed, and failed. It even hurt more.
She hid the feeling within, even that she can sense spark between them but he seem to run from it, not ready yet about her. He shows his wildness towards other guys and to see it crush her heart. Are there is no space for her in his heart or why he should react like that?

They keep on denying their feelings, seeing each other cured the heart but they just act like nothing. Chatting like a friend but not brave enough to look eyes on eyes. Time pass by, and the love they kept growing, but they still hurting each other until they got separated in different ways.
Something felt empty and went missing. This time the love has whisper and the truth has to be known....

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