Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The love that whisper...


Love whispers…calling the name of her…He took a sip from his glass, felt the taste of Arabica coffee that has a great taste but still, his heart crying. He unable to find any better excuses to soften his heart so that he won’t feel like grieving. “Damned”, shout him in silent. The evening take place so early, he even not realized when the sun went missing from the sky. He mind like burst, shattered in blurry atmosphere. He doesn’t like that. Very much. He went to his room, returned with a blue cover book on his right hand. Front of the book was written “Annabell”. He has read it, too many times until he can memorized them all. He ever regret his act on reading other belonging that should not he read. This way making his life more in messy. Rycho skipped to the two last pages, the words written there made his heart sanked. Truly, it touches his heart…”Annabell…”his voice, murmured.

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