Saturday, May 23, 2009

For those who is special..

thanks for being there for me,as in my bright and dark day
all of you: we have share a lots of things that I'll ever forget...

For someone..
I hope we are eternally together, only for each other..
I'll keep my faith and I hope you do so..
because each day that pass, it won't be if I'm not thinking of you..

I miss to be with you guys..
as for dad, I wish you in a good health
and I promise to bring you hope that you believes in me..

thanks for the love that never leaves me!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Feeling hurt "because of you" part 1

There has a quotes that states:"I can't make you love me if you don't. I can't make your heart feel something it won't." by Bonnie Raitt that adapted from "I can't make you love me,".I felt touched by this words. Being in a relationship with someone give one to think a lots of things, What I should do and don't, and it sometimes make someone learn something that she/he never realized of.
Feeling hurt is must and sometimes is confusing 'why should we hurt each other if we can do our best to take care each other feeling from feeling hurt.
why should in relationship have to feel betrayed even it is not seem like to be, to feel lonely even it should not and feel abandon even it seem not real.
Are someone who asks for love and attention is someone who is demanded and selfish??
why should feeling hurt lingering in someone that should not feel that feeling?
why dating for so long is not the key to show he/she is not the "mr/mrs right"?
why should "parting is all we know of heaven and all we need of hell?"
Are been in relationship, feel the love that one should feel hurt as the expense of the emotions?
If someone who isn't dare to feel the hurt, then he/she have to be aware that love is the thing to avoid. Could love is the a thing that have to be pay with getting hurt then will the happiness is guarantee to the one who really hope that it will be??

Monday, May 18, 2009

gambar time birthday ann

This time birthday ann unnie yang ke-21.tulah wajah cake dia dan yang kat hujung bawah tu gambar  hadiah yang I and put bagi kat ann..cantik kan

Kena kaci makan juga....

hari ine woww syukur,thanx God sebab kena kasi makan from pagi untul ke lunch. kenyang woo..nak tahu menu nya?
pagi-kat bilik ada makan nasi goreng paprik dan ada jua bawa bekal p kerja
pagi lagi-ada sarapan lebih kat tmpat kerja, kata VJ jangan ckap "sisa" sebab ia adalah "Lebihan" hahahha, wow VJ oppa membetulkan anjula dongseng hihihiii..
tengahri- makan bekalan(nasi goreng paprik) with "lebihan" makanan and they are, of cuz ayam kicap, ikan taucu and taugeh  with tauhu, well macam sedap kan, memang pun sedap plus airnya: lemonade hahhaha nama kampung "kitchai teda amoi" tapi sedap ooo..
*sedap ba, kalo tiap hari keja macam ni, mau gemuk o I.dahla keja skp pun keja tak brapa sangat, susun2 barang and siap ntah pa lagi mo buat. hihihhih, best jua o skp.nasib I mencubanya, well sapa2 yang blom mencobanya trylah..ada satu sem lagi chances.kiii,fren cobala(...bukan yang lagu krisdayanati yang setia2 tu)
*pss..nak gtau lagi korang yang jadi leader kami p makan makanan, hehheeh of cuzla si VJ tut...dia jua la yang di cari oleh EN,AZIZ...thanxla encik, murahla rezeki encik la.
*for yang kemarin, ada sturang besfren sa sambut birthday, tua uda la fren sa tu... sapa lagi kalo bukan c anjula unnie....21 tahun.well sapa2 yang berminat bolehla..ehem..tapi jangan lupa a,unnie satu ekor ni nak yang macam muka 'david archuleta',kalo takde takpayahla..kuang3X..I ada bagi hadiah jua dgn put unnie, sharing la, mudah2an c ann unnie menghargai gift kami tu..sshh...tapi memang cantik tau,siap ada tulis nama lagi kan3..ada tu I upload cake nya yang mahal and sedap gitu..sorila dah habis ya..hehehhe..what an enjoyable life!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

StArT WoRkInG!!

Today, started at 9am my work as SKP under bio lab done.Fuihh...I can say it may tired, I exhausted because I and 2 other of my friends are tidying the storage of bio's lab.Too many things inside there and when we were doing our cleaning, there are few things that I found for the first time since I first enter UITM.Wow.. amazing, it is so unique and I think it may costs much if it had been sold to the muzeum. and there is one more thing that occurs that I might not forgotted; I starved to death for the first day completed my task as there is no food to be eaten since no one selling foods or neither I and my friends can go out anyway. so poor.5 of us fasting today until we got off from work.hhehhehe, actually it was a memory for me as I'll remember this.Nevermind cause UiTM is in myHeart!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY for those who is mother, a mother-to-be and for my sisters, hapie become mom!
I've end my sem 5 in UiTM SABAH and in short time I'll back to UiTM to SKP.I hope that this holiday will bring a good memories for me as this is the final year I'll spend in UiTM sbh.
And as for this sem that contribute to many difficultiness and pain that I've just now after facing 2 years in Uitm sbh.Too hard for CSC and BIO.ridiculous right....
I have one more sem in UiTM sbh and I hope I can get the best result one and for all!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Tomorrow, exactly on 8am I will taking my MUET for speaking.Though I felt I've done too many mistakes in my writing and listening paper, I still want to try to do the best for speaking.hahahha, funny to think if I ever can get better results, band 3?hehehehhe,o dear poor girl.....Even now, I didn't read news..lazy girl!!watching drama then playing games in my silly, how to improve????Everybody tell me?????

Monday, May 4, 2009

for the first time....

heheh,first time wat blog wow..macam bez kan. Takpalah try2 aja mw jadi blogger,mana tau ada rasa "i feel good" kan.Boring nak mampui ni tgh tnggu kertas muet speaking woooo...hehhehehsejak akhir2 ni daytime tdo ja sampai jam 10-12mlm,tapi bila dah bangun takdapat tdo pula hmmm...tak menganggu kesihatan ba tu kan,I guess la...skarang ni pun baru jam 11 tadi bangun, baru g mandi padahal tdo dari jam 3 ptg.Ntah sihat lagi ka sya ni hohohoh..